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We are working to develop a program with local co-operative groups in La Madeleine that will produce bio-diesel with recycled vegetable oil. Haitians fry most of their foods and throw away the left over oil wastes. With this project we will be able to conserve the waste products and produce fuel. The revenue made from this project will support further sustainable development projects in the zone.

Project Description
Gas prices have been at an all time for the past few years in Haiti, ranging  between $3.50 to $5.00.  This rise in gas prices affects all aspects of Haitian life as the majority of Haitians rely on public transportation.  Merchants flock to the capitol cities in an effort to create commerce, and the increase in gas prices creates increased transportation cost. Many people have resorted to taking to the road by horse or donkey in order to be sure of profit.  This is turn is reflected in the price of everything at market making an already stretched economy more strained.   
Close to 40% of the cars in Haiti are diesel engines, which could be using bio-diesel and oil conversion vehicles.
Community leaders agree that it would be a good way to create jobs in the zone while creating a more environmentally friendly way to fuel motor vehicles. The project will require only the processing equipment necessary to make the fuel along with the technical training provided by Board member Ryan McCrory.

This project can have a dramatic affect on Haiti and could spread into every town throughout the countryside. It will initially benefit the local population of La Madeleine, but, in effect will be making Haiti more livable with a decrease in emissions and lower gas prices. HSDFs’ sister organization in the town are excited about the project and have envisioned themselves doing workshops across Haiti, teaching local organizations how to produce fuel for themselves.

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