Project "Hope For Haiti"

"Hope for Haiti" is a multimedia presentation, addressing issues of poverty and injustice. The project was created to educate schools, organizations, and the public in the United States about Haitian culture and the impoverished world. While providing an eclectic form of entertainment, "Hope for Haiti" has built a foundation of support.

The hour long presentation is an accumulation of photography, music, historical documentation, and a narrative forum that educates its audiences of the culture, history, and plight of the Haitian people. "Hope for Haiti" has been presented in public and private educational settings reaching over 1500 students. Here is a thank you letter from a student in response to the presentation given at a middle school in Los Angeles, California:

Dear Michael Schapiro,

Thank you for your wonderful presentation on Haiti... Hope for Haiti shows the way Haitians look at life. They have no luxuries or money, but are very happy. Haitians have to work a lot in order to have food. Unlike us, they have very little toys. They made me think about how special we are to be healthy and live in Los Angeles. Once again thank you for showing us what Peace Corps does and for coming to educate our class.


Rucio Racon

8th grade

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